Editorials written by Lora Reinbold


Tough decisions ahead for state budgets

Must Read Alaska. April 17, 2020

“Government needs to make the tough decisions to reduce spending to a sustainable level, to promote a strong private sector economy, which creates jobs for a more stable future in Alaska.”

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My Turn: Does Alaska have a spending problem? Benchmarking is the answer

Juneau Empire. February 27, 2017

“We have operated in a mode of free money, big bank accounts and unbridled spending for too many years. The result is big budgets that we can’t afford.”

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Budget cuts are missing, Alaska shouldn’t touch the Permanent Fund!

ADN. June 25, 2016

“Alaska’s House and Senate just passed the conference committee operating budget bill and, to no surprise, it reveals that little progress was made to reduce the cost of state government…”

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Danger is Lurking in SB 91

Chugiak Eagle River Star. May 11, 2016

“SB 91 represents a reckless and irresponsible overhaul of the entire foundation of our criminal justice system…”

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My Turn: Budget illusions versus reality

Juneau Empire. March 29, 2016

“State government is simply too big and the Alaska Legislature has not made adequate progress in reducing the burden of big government…”

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Kicked from the Medicaid card game

Chugiak-Eagle River Star. July 27, 2015

“The current Medicaid program is filled with systemic errors which result in abuse and require meaningful reform.”

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