Encouraging Responsible Resource Development

  • SB 21: Oil & Gas Production Tax – Incentivizing Production (Supporter) Passed
  • HB 4: Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (Co-Sponsor) Passed
  • HJR 6: Legacy Well Clean Up/ Awareness (Co-Sponsor) Passed
  • HJR 7: Endorsing ANWR Leasing (Co-Sponsor)
  • SB 2: Interstate Mining Compact & Commission (Co-Sponsor) Passed

Strengthening Education for Alaskans

  • HB 85: Restrictions on Collection, Storage, and Handling of Student Assessment Data (Prime Sponsor)
  • HB 151: School Grading (Prime Sponsor)
  • HB 31: Constitutional History Curriculum (Co-Sponsor)
  • HB 93: Charter Schools (Co-Sponsor)
  • HB 197: Literacy Program (Co-Sponsor)
  • HJR 1: Constitutional Amendment – Education Funding (Co-Sponsor)
  • SB 41: Interscholastic Activities/School Sports (Championed in the House) Passed

Preventing Governmental Waste

  • HB 84: Requirement for State Agencies to Report Federal Receipts (Prime Sponsor)
  • HB 30: State Agency Performance Audits (Prime Sponsor) Passed
  • Continually fighting for balanced state budgets and a sustainable future for Alaska.

Promoting Access to Quality Patent Based Market Driven Healthcare

  • AARC Meetings on the impacts of the ACA to Alaskans (Committee Chair)
  • HJR 14: Delay Implementing Affordable Healthcare Act (Co-Sponsor)
  • HB 239: Board of Examiners in Optometry (Prime Sponsor) Passed
  • HB 241: Board of Marital and Family Therapy (Prime Sponsor) Passed
  • HB 240: Board of Chiropractic Examiners (Prime Sponsor) Passed
  • HB 242: State Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board (Prime Sponsor) Passed

Supporting Our Military

  • HB 46: Waive CDL Skill Test for Certain Veterans (Co-Sponsor) Passed
  • HB 69: Vietnam Veterans Day (Co-Sponsor) Passed
  • HB 164: Property Tax Exemption/Military Widow (Co-Sponsor)
  • HCR 2: Purple Heart State (Co-Sponsor) Passed

Creating a Healthy Business Atmosphere

  • HB 140: Notice for Regulation Adoption – Assessing Impacts (Prime Sponsor) Passed
  • HB 32: Lines of Business on Business License (Co-Sponsor) Passed

Protecting Alaskan’s Rights

  • HB 69: Federal Regulation – Protecting Second Amendment Rights (Co-Sponsor) Passed
  • HB 83: Federal Laws & Executive Orders – Establishing State Sovereignty (Co-Sponsor) Passed
  • HJR 4: Oppose Gun Control Orders & Legislation (Co-Sponsor)